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Nation LTD’s intention is simple: offer elevated staples that make women look good and feel good, day in and day out. Our collection of classics (with a feminine edge) embodies the belief that less is more. We’re perfectly undone, nuanced, and beautiful - just like you. 


We focus on eco-friendly practices and innovative fabrics, and with vertical manufacturing in Peru, we're proud of our naturally low carbon footprint. We use a transparent fabric grading system that highlights the most sustainable elements of our fabrics and acknowledges where improvements can (and should) be made. Environmental responsibility is an ongoing conversation, and our approach is about progress (not perfection) and finding the best ways to have the least impact on our planet.


Once you discover our effortless essentials, they’ll quickly become your go-to pieces…

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Our approach to design and manufacturing is holistic. Our vision to be a sustainable brand impacts people, the planet and profitability equally - both for ourselves and our supply chain.

The collection fuses an effortless, modern femininity with artisanal hand-crafted details, traditional embroidery techniques and original textile designs. We often enjoy collaborating with contemporary artists on our print and embroidery artworks.

Where to manufacture is determined by the raw materials used and the artisanal skills involved. We aim to use fabrics and yarn sourced as close as possible to where our clothes are produced. 85% of the collection is made in India where two thirds of the world’s organic cotton is grown. All of our knits are made in Peru from locally sourced Alpaca yarn.


We choose our manufacturing partners very carefully only working with small factories, either family or women run businesses, that are ethical and compliant. Our supply chain is short and transparent. Sue travels to India twice a year to see first-hand how and where our clothes are being made. For example, one of our manufacturing partners runs a small organic farm and creche alongside his workshop while another started a women’s embroidery collective, paying 3x the minimum state wage and educating these local workers in an old and regional skill. Sharing a vision with who we work with is a high priority.

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I always say I was born with knitting needles in my hands. By the age of three, I sat at my mother’s knee, knitting my first scarf.


From there I moved on to socks, and by age nine, I was making sweaters. Knitting wasn’t a hobby at the working farm where I grew up in County Kerry on the windswept coast of Ireland. It was a necessity. Back then, there were no store-bought clothes for the twelve O’Leary kids. We were quite a brood! 


Over the years, my sweaters evolved far beyond the simple creations of my youth into the casual luxury I am obsessed with today. I design pieces that I believe my customers, friends and I would want to live in. 


In fact, my great inspiration as a designer comes from the color palette and natural textures of the world right outside my door.


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LEMIZ is a beautiful play on classic shapes with a modern twist. As the line continues to evolve each season, we are always focused on making a beautiful product. We believe each design should be special and original. 


Beautiful handcrafted products take time to make. That's why we make small batches of each product with the aim of selling out each season. 


We design products that are meant to be loved and lived in for seasons and years to come. 

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Since its inception, designer Denise Focil had one goal in mind:  to make the perfect sustainable leather jacket. 


Her obsession with the sensuality and touch of leather inspired her to launch AS by DF, known for its exquisite leather and elevated contemporary pieces. 


AS by DF’s mission is to create fashion with a conscience, our goal is to be able to leave this world better than we found it..

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For untold centuries the wind and waves have crashed upon the shores of the islands of the Salish Sea. Along the beaches, a receding wave exposes a flash of color, a glint of polished stone against the sky, and surf. The motion of the sea moves stone against stone, smoothing and polishing the rough surfaces.   These are the stones chosen to create Vibie Baby.


Many hours go into creating each piece. No two will ever be alike. Age old methods and techniques are employed to set the gems and hand forge the gold fittings to complement the beauty of each stone as given to us by Mother Nature.  These pieces are a joining of Art and Nature. When you wear a Vibie Baby, you become closer to both. They are made with joy. Share it with us.


For 30 years we have lived on the shores of the Salish Sea. The ocean surrounds us. The moon and stars inform our movements by the tide. When it rises, we can launch our kayaks and paddle among the bays and islands. When it falls, the beaches are exposed, and we beachcomb for the unique stones of Vibie Baby.

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