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Welcome to iCi Collective

A sales agency in Los Angeles that brings you over twenty years of wholesale and retail sales experience.


iCi is a French word meaning “here” or “at this place”. This word embodies the desire we have for creating a collaborative environment to develop sustainable growth for our brands, cultivate new ideas for business and work closely with our buyers to create the best assortments for their stores.


Our mission is a holistic one. We immerse ourselves in our brands in order to develop a strategic plan for their sales, merchandising goals, imaging, market positioning as well social and eCommerce channels.


We strive to curate the right mix of designers and creators who have a story to tell and a purpose behind what they do. We offer something beyond just more beautiful clothing or another great accessory, we believe we can all be more conscientious and do our part to give back.

We want our buyers to experience something special here




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